Legal Statement

    1. In TorontoPersians, you can put a variety of normal speech and information, but you must undertake the responsibility for your remarks and information:

        -Compliance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of Canada and the place of residence;
        -Respect for the online ethics and compliance with the principle of good faith;
        -Shall not endanger the national and public interests;
        -Shall not maliciously attack others.

    2. Violation of the provisions of the information and comments you published are on your own risk, nothing to do with the TorontoPersians. TorontoPersians in addition to reserves the right to remove illegal information and speech rights, and the right given to the disposal by the following provisions:

        -Where pornographic, reactionary, personal attacks, and other aspects of the message shall be deleted, severe cases submitted to the legal department for investigation;
        -Where the customer complaints of false information, and Canada worry-free Web site is responsible for certification, delete, and give public notice;
        -Where users 'complaints, the relevant departments', this section will be based on legal assistance in investigation.

    3. Posted in the site content is user-exclusive license, other sites will not be allowed to Share;

    4. The User shall not release information that has nothing to do with the transaction. The administrator or moderator has the right to refuse to publish is considered inappropriate (including false or illegal content), information or statements. Due to objective reasons, we can not identify all not appropriate (false or illegal), inappropriate information arising from legal disputes the responsibility of the information.

    5. All kinds of information on the corresponding sections and columns, misplaced, for the normal development of the Canadian Real Web, operation, Canadian worry the site will be deleted.

    6. TorontoPersians promises to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information of the user registration.

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